Dead Zone Challenge

As a fashionista, blogger, and makeup enthusiast, it seemed that art director on one of the various end-of-the-summer short films was a natural fit for me. I love styling and working with people to create pretty looks…but the key word here is pretty. The last film someone who knows me would expect me to work on is Dead Zone – the post apocalyptic film. The film where the whole cast is supposed to look diseased and/or worn down.

It was definitely a surprise to get the position of art director for this film, but don’t get me wrong, I loved the challenge and I jumped into this project with enthusiasm and gusto. It was a great learning experience for me to see if my skills were versatile enough to pull this project off. I already know that I can make people look pretty and made up, and now I know that I can also make them look sickly and dirty.

I got to rip costumes up and dirty people’s faces with brown makeup and I loved doing those things because it was so different for me and so out of my comfort zone. I can’t wait to see this film come alive on screen. 


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