Student Shooting Lessons

Steinwicks & Agnes had our first shoot this Sunday the 14th. One of my jobs as Producer was to ask people to walk around our shoot. To my surprise this was not an easy job. One would think that seeing camera equipment would detour most people from coming up to where we were shooting. When I told people we were filming and they couldn’t buy anything multiple people yelled at me despite obvious filming. This made me learn that at our next shoot the following weekend I would have to have signs posted everywhere and not let people bother me. I got to see an interesting mix of LA characters.

I really feel like I got all different types of the LA culture just from the people who walked by the newsstand. Some people in LA are so bitter they would curse at me because they were pissed they couldn’t get there paper like I was personally trying to ruin their day. Half of the people who walked by didn’t understand English and would walk past our shoot anyway. A few tourists would stand across the street and take pictures of our shoot when we were clearly just students. Others would stop by and tell us how cool it was that we were filming and to follow our dreams.

Everyone keeps saying LA is all about the people you meet. Chris an employee at the newsstand told us how he loved film and he enjoyed watching us work. Later in the day he revealed to me that he has been working for over 6 years to break into the industry and works for the newsstand on weekends to pick up some extra money. He told me that he just got a job being the head of art direction for a new Syfy channel show and that he was very excited.

He was said that he would be missing our next shoot because he is going to be at Comic Con in San Diego for work. He gave me his information and told me that he has worked on a lot of sets that always they always need last minute PA’s so if I was ever in LA again to send him an email. Little things like that are really exciting and who knows he may be the next big thing one day. Just goes to show the impressions you make can go a long way. You never know who your talking to.



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