That’s a Wrap!

Without a doubt, to a film producer, the three best words in the English language.

This summer I have had the honor of producing a short film titled, Three’s A Crowd. It’s a comedy about a family just like yours… if your family needed a sperm donor.


A young couple, Jules and Jim, hope to ask Jim’s older brother, Henry, to be the sperm donor for their future child, but their plans are derailed when Jim’s other, less refined brother, Pete, shows up unannounced. The calamity that ensues sheds light on the true dynamics of brotherhood and how no family is ever perfect.

It has been a great experience working with Lane Smith, the writer, and Mei Bess, the director, as well as Tracy Raetz (DP), Casey Brown (AD), Pat Dudiak (Art Director) and Rachel Sun, Julie Mazmen & Rebecca Rosenblat (PR). I have learned so much from each of them and a lot about myself as a producer – things that I’m good at and of course, things to work on.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 3.48.36 PM

the “Brown” residence

We cast four professionals actors, rented thousands of dollars worth of equipment and shopped ’til we dropped for costumes, set decoration and props. Working with a tight budget, we also mercifully were able to use the home of Elon student, Audrey Horwitz, whose house has been the backdrop for many commercials for companies ranging from Burger King to Apple over the last twenty years. I will forever be grateful to her parents for placing such trust and time in student filmmakers!

The shoot took place this past Saturday and while we encountered a few bumps in the road, overall things went smoothly and I am eager to see the final result.

the IndieGogo Video shoot

the IndieGogo Video shoot

Another huge component of this project was our IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for what deceivingly seems like an inexpensive shoot.

As of Tuesday night however, I can proudly say that we raised  ABOVE our goal a total of $3, 141.  I am astounded by the generosity of our friends and family and blessed once again to be a part of this project.

Three’s A Crowd will debut in about two weeks time, but in the meantime, check back for updates on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

See you at the dinner table!


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