The Sweet, Sour, Sugar of Los Candyles

Los Angeles is the city of firsts. My first picture with the Hollywood sign, my first time getting in trouble for texting in class (thanks J), my first vegetarian corn dog… the list is endless. My “first” last night tops the rest in terms of sweetness, because let’s face it, nothing compares to the sweet and sour goodness of CANDY.

A group of us ventured via foot to Universal CityWalk to go get the Los Angeles favorite: fro yo. However, we were devastated to find that the fro yo shop was closed. We ended up sadly walking along the lane to find that the candy store, “It’Sugar” was still open so we were like “Hey, why not?” (insert Hilary Duff lyrics for her hit song “Why Not”) When I entered the candy shop, I saw plastic bags alongside the edge of an endless candy supply. Being a candy store newbie, I thought we were supposed to fill the entire plastic bag with candy, so I went haywire and filled up my heart’s content of various goodies, including jelly beans, sour gummy worms, and even those soda pop gummies (so so good).

When I went to the counter, I saw that everyone else’s bags were partially full, and started to worry. I got up to the register and told the lady that I was worried about how much my bag was going to cost and she replied that could help me out a little bit. Thanks to her help, my bag of candy only cost me $13 instead of the original $38.90 cost.

Wow, that’s a lot of candy. Let’s hope I don’t get a cavity, I don’t need any other firsts!

Til next time,



The Sweet, Sour, Sugar of Los Candyles

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