This summer seems to be disappearing before my very eyes. I have loved every advantage that I have gotten during this trip from the beauty of Malibu to exploring my acting areas.  


I have loved being able to take n so many different types of projects. In one day, I went from a black and white silent film to a dystopian film. It was so much fun. It has been a blast being able to explore a ton of different parts and genre. You don’t get that kind of opportunity everywhere, its just one more wonderful opportunities that I have gotten through this program.


I have been obsessed with the ability to see movies every week. The last couple weeks have been top notch. I have been dying to see The Way, Way Back, since I saw the trailer. I loved it, one of my favorite movies I have seen in a long time. I feel so lucky that we get to see all of these movies through the program


One of the coolest opportunities I have gotten so far has been the chance to work on the upcoming short film, DEAD ZONE. I have never gotten to play something like this before. It was a challenge, but soo much fun. My dream parts are usually the ones are the farthest from myself. It is a challenge and just a great chance to transform. So getting to be scary and a sick at the same time was just a dream come true right now. 


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