Great success! *Dracula/Romanian accent*

This weekend we filmed for our final projects and final freestyles. There are a few things (and lessons) that I observed.

1. Don’t be afraid of mishaps. Understand that they are bound to happen, no matter how professional the project. Do your best to plan ahead to prevent major problems. However, do not “pre-stress” over the possibility of minor mishaps. 

2. Think outside the box. So far outside the box that you forget there was a box to begin with. That’s confusing…what I’m saying is, don’t limit yourself. Don’t think about the limits of your creativity (‘the box’ in this situation). Focus on what you CAN do and get CREATIVE! Sounds simple, but I’m always surprised when I partake an idea that did not originally ‘dawn’ on me. 

3. Trust your teammates and hold each other accountable. Work TOGETHER not with each other. There’s a difference. 

4. Build your tough skin. You don’t have to be heartless, but be able to take criticism.

5. Have fun! You’re still learning. Work hard, try to do your best, and have fun. Find a good balance of the three and you will improve your experience!

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