Being in Los Angeles and working two internships really has its perks.  I get to see how two different companies work and have the opportunity to work with different people to see interesting perspectives.  Not to mention, I get multiple people to vouch for me as I try to get a job next summer!

The one thing that I love about both of my internships is that everyone I work with is young and are still climbing the entertainment ladder out here in LA.  So while it’s great they they have more experience than I do and can guide me in the right direction, they still remember what it was like to be an intern, so they help me in ways that they wanted to be helped as interns.  They challenge me in a way that teaches me and forces me to learn, but isn’t overwhelming and intimidating.

Many doors have opened for me this summer by me stepping out of my comfort zone and introducing myself to people.  If you want to make it far in LA, you have to know people.  Being intelligent can only take you so far out here!  I have to say that if I am going to take anything away from this summer, it is to open up and talk with people- meet people- ask questions!


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