Mintzer on 3!

Back at school we have always been forced to work in groups and participate in projects that require collaboration and work outside of class.  Generally, these are dreaded by most, yet promoted by the school, as to simulate real work place situations.  I have have never taken a stance on such assignments; however, I now have a new found appreciation for what they have to offer.  Just a few weeks ago I became a part of the “Shared Hands” short film team, working with as a Co-Producer.  From the countless, long meetings, the disagreements, the ah-ha moments, the excitement, and the frustration, the creative energy and optimism has never ceased.  This project has given me the opportunity to get to know and work closely with people I didn’t know just a little while ago.  Now when we’re not together its almost like we’re doing something wrong because we actually miss each other.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this process and am so proud to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity. I also have come to realize the valuable lessons and close ties that can develop just from participating. Our team spirit is a defining aspect of our crew and is a driving force.  I am very much looking forward to finishing up production and seeing what the final product will look like.  But, until then..”Mintzer on 3!!”. Yes, that’s our teams main cheer. Thank you Mintzer for lending us your name.


                                       ‘Shared Hands’ meeting. “Mintzer on 3!”


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