All The Stuff is Actually Here!

Los Angeles has always been this crazy idea in my mind, shaped by years of media exposure and stories. Yet save for one trip to California when I was 2 (so it doesn’t really count) I’ve never set foot in the state. So naturally, I had no idea what to expect. Suffice it to say, my time here has been incredible. The city is a kind of celebrity itself, and there’s a sense of being starstruck that comes with one’s first days here. Now, after a month and a half of living and working in LA, the one thing that continues to surprise me is that the things you see on TV actually exist, and they exist here. Like the Chive offices. #KCCOImage



I’ve loved the time I’ve had to explore the city, finding either well known icons or some dingy cafe referenced in an old episode of Entourage. I can’t wait to get out here full time and begin to truly call this place my home. This summer has reaffirmed the fact that Los Angeles is where I want to make my career, whatever it takes.

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