Def Jammin

Probably one of the best things about this entire LA experience is the fact that I get to work for a record label I’ve only ever dreamed about: Island Def Jam, which is part of the Universal Music Group.
Everyone that knows me pretty much knows that I’m a bit of a music nerd. No matter the genre or artist I am always keeping up with the latest trends, singles, albums, chart performances, EVERYTHING. You could only imagine my excitement when I received an offer to be the promotions intern at IDJ this summer.


Rihanna, Avicci, Frank Ocean, Jay Z, Kanye, and Timeflies are only a few of my favorite artists represented at Island Def Jam.
What’s interesting about this experience is that when I walk in the door at 9am I never know whether it’ll be a busy, hectic day or a slow, not-much-to-do day. One week I’m scheduling Fall Out Boy’s fall tour and sending Avicci’s single out to hundreds of radio stations, and the next I’m organizing the record cabinet, running coffee errands and filling out/printing UPS labels. It really depends on the specific week and what exactly needs to get done promotionally for IDJ’s artists.
Even though I may be doing tedious and general tasks on those slow days, I find myself still enjoying every second, SOLEY because no matter what I’m doing, I’m still surrounded by the thing I love most: Music. I also remind myself how lucky I am to be In LA (!) and actually working at a label i’ve been following and admired for as long as I can remember (!). It’s surreal, really.


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