My Sweet Love Affair

When I first found out that we were going to Six Flags Magic Mountain this summer, I was ecstatic. To me, a summer is incomplete without a trip to an amusement park. There is just something about a roller coaster with fast, whipping turns, dips, and drops that is an incomparable high.

Since I am originally from Jersey, I always spent my summer days at Six Flags Great Adventure, which is home to the tallest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka. Being a veteran of Six Flags, I knew there were certain things I just needed to do before I left. The top of my list was getting a funnel cake.

It was the end of the day when it was finally time to get my sweet, doughy mass of heaven. When I was waiting in line, I noticed all the different kinds of funnel cakes they had. There were cookies n’ cream , a maple syrup bacon, ice cream topped, and numerous other options. It was horrifying seeing people ruin the beautiful simplicity of the classic funnel cake by mounding it with what looked like a quart of ice cream.

Putting the images of the destroyed funnel cakes behind me, I stepped up to order my classic funnel cake topped with powdered sugar. After five long minutes of pacing back and forth waiting for this funnel cake, it was finally ready. I could barely contain myself with excitement. I grabbed a fork, a knife, and a fistful of napkins before running and sitting on the the curb of a tree median.

That first bite. There was an intensity of sweetness that came from the powdered sugar and next came the initial crunch of the exterior of the dough, followed by the tender, but perfectly firm interior. The end came too soon. It was as if I blacked out and the funnel cake was gone. All that was left was the powdered sugar on my face, in my hair, and all over my clothes.

“Rachel, you look like a five year old that had a great day at Six Flags,” said Cate. Wiping the white powder off me, I simply nodded. The mess was a small price I was willing to pay for my sweet love affair with my funnel cake.

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