Don’t Sit Down

Through my time in Los Angeles and my experiences interning at a real company, I have learned many new skills as well as rules that you can’t learn in a classroom. Most of them I learned the hard way. Only after getting yelled at five times did I finally stop trying to help move lights. Some rules were simple, I learned very quickly to never touch a gaffers C-stand. Later, I found out that the very fist rule I was told would also be the most important. After finishing unloading the truck, as I’m sitting, feet dangling off of the edge of the flatbed truck one of the client representatives told me three words that I will never forget, he told me “never sit down”. I immediately jumped to my feet, embarrassed for being in the wrong. He then proceeded to tell me a very long confusing story about how he got to the position he is in right now, all of which I was able to sum up into something as simple as: always be doing something on set. If there’s nothing to do, find something to do. 

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In an industry that hires freelance almost exclusively, it is important to always stand out and strive to be the very best. When shooting multi million-dollar Hollywood films nobody wants a middle of the pack crewmember. They will always try to hire the very best person for each job and the only way to be the best is to work harder than everybody else.


This idea made me rethink the freelance world. It made me realize that every job is essentially a job interview for the next project. How you perform in the interview determines whether you get that job or not.

Thirteen hours later, never sitting again besides lunch, I made it through my first professional production shoot. I learned many useful tips about the industry but none will stick with me quite as much as those three words. Never sit down.


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