Learning the Hard Way

Coming to Los Angeles has been a dream come true for me, beginning to flourish my career in my directing debut of my short film Dead Zone. Nothing could have been more exciting than the moment I learned that this was to be my first chance at a real challenge, but I am not sure I fully realized just how challenging it would be. My team and I have worked tirelessly day and night trying to flesh this project out, using up hours of the day I usually slept through the past 20 years of my life. Finding locations, getting permitted, choosing actors, etc. it is still and always will be my dream, and I am learning very quickly just how heavy of a lifestyle choice it can be, but loving every minute of it.


Many will stumble upon similar obstacles as myself and my producer, and many may crumble and fall under the pressure and quick decisions to be made. But this is what I live for, this is what makes me excited about every production that I can take part in. Making Dead Zone will truly be a test to determine my will to work in this industry, and not only that, but the ability to prove to myself that I can follow my own dreams and not give up. And this is why my experience so far has been riveting and eventful, and has shaped my thoughts on my life decisions in a good way thus far.



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