What It’s All About

As newcomers to the real world of industries and corporations, we are always reminded how it is who, rather than what, we know that will carry us further into our careers. I’m coming to find that Los Angeles is a place where knowing yourself is just as important as knowing the people around you.

Every Friday, Warner Bros. Records hosts a “Summer Session” at which one of their signed artists performs for a sea of employees and potential clientele. Good food, good drink, and happy people fill the patio to the point where it is difficult to move without spilling someone else’s drink. These are undoubtedly the most intimate concert-going experiences I have ever had.

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

I often imagine how incredible it would be to share these opportunities with my friends from home. Whenever this thought comes across my mind, I then quickly turn to thinking about how that can never be, and how we are so far away, and how that genuinely depresses me.

Elon in LA

I have come to see how evenly those I am around now, and those I grew up with, have influenced my life this summer. Without my friends and family back home encouraging my efforts in Los Angeles, the company I keep now would know a very different version of myself. It is to both those who have supported me from home and to those who have supported my experience while in Los Angeles that I say, “thank you”.

I am using this blog post to say this because I hope that the same people I am writing about are reading my blog posts. It all makes sense, doesn’t it? The same plane ride that brought me to LA is going to bring me home two weeks from now.


I’ve made these stories in Los Angeles, I’ll tell them to the people back home.


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