Work and Play (and Food) in LA

This past week brought me aggressive driving, roller coasters, delicious late-night meals, wrapping a short film, multiple movies, and a plan really starting to come together. I love it when plans do that.

He loves it when they do that, too.

Firstly, let’s talk aggressive driving. It’s LA – a city full of terrible and/or impatient drivers. Over the past several weeks, I have become very much the latter. It’s not that I’m always in a hurry to get places (though I frequently am), it’s just that other drivers on the road make decisions too slowly for me. I make moves to get from A to B as efficiently as possible. Sure, I’ve almost caused a couple of accidents, but hey, I’ve survived so far! Honestly though. I’m a good driver.

Point #2: Roller coasters. They’re terrifying. But I’ve come to enjoy them. I further extended my comfort zone with more coasters at Six Flags last Saturday. I got to bond with my fellow classmates while waiting in gargantuan lines then bond some more as we screamed together on the coasters. Then bond EVEN MORE when we went to the coolest diner I’ve ever experienced for a delicious dinner to cap off the day.

Bliss on a bun and in a glass.

Oh, I made a short horror film titled WAKER. Finished shooting it this past Friday. Had a WONDERFUL time on set with actors Tyler Alverson and Tom Page. They seemed to have as much fun as I did (if not more), which made me very happy indeed. It was such a fun experience making my first foray on the filmmaker side of the genre I know and love and aspire to. Stay tuned to the Elon in LA blog for a post with the film embedded!

Let’s see, what else…oh yes, movies. I’ve seen a few lately and enjoyed all of them. I saw The Bling Ring by myself last Monday night. It was pretty good, but not better than The East, which we all went to see last night in Santa Monica. THAT was an interesting movie. Very politically charged and riveting. If you follow my Twitter, I’ll be posting my mini-review soon. If you don’t follow my Twitter, I’m @moviebuddha. Please follow me. 🙂

Real costumes worn by the stars, now casually displayed in a theater in Hollywood.

And I saved the best news for last: Remember Me Latte (the short I’m directing, like it on Facebook) is coming together!! We bought some costumes and props last week, finalized our cast, and locked down a neat coffee shop location!!

Behold the world of Remember Me Latte!

It’s gonna be one busy weekend and night of shooting. But this kind of thing is what I live for! I love it. Bring it on.


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