Amidst The Hustle and Bustle

This past weekend I was tired. I know we aren’t supposed to say that, but I was, and rightly so. The program is finally nearing an end, and all of our hard work is culminating in the production of five short films, two of which I am working on. Also, my work at my internship is in full swing with the release of the show Orange Is The New Black. Long hours at work and full days on set are exciting to me. I love being busy, and so my experience here has further reaffirmed that I want to be involved in some aspect of the entertainment industry.

While working on the two short films Three’s a Crowd and Steinwicks & Agnes, I have also seen how important team work and communication are. While the entertainment industry might seem cut throat and egotistical, it’s team work and strong relationships that lead to success. It’s amazing the type of bond that can be created between students when they take on this type of project together. 


The newsstand where we are filming “Steinwicks & Agnes.”

When a team of us were in the war room manning the social media network for OITNB at two in the morning, my boss said, “Welcome to the entertainment industry.” While I love sleep, I love being able to wake up in the morning having accomplished something. I am proud of the work I am doing at my internship, and would stay up every night if that meant working on something I am passionate about. 


The Facebook page for “Orange Is The New Black,” which has increased by over 50,000 likes since I began my internship.

“Do you have a death wish?!”some people might say. And yes, maybe I do, if that means being involved in the creative force of the constantly moving and changing world of Los Angeles. This type of energy and ever-changing environment is what I have been looking for since I was eight-years-old. Now that I found it, I’m never leaving. 


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