Chaos, Costumes and Comic-Con!

cci_logoThursday morning the floodgates opened at the San Diego Convention Center as thousands of special guests and fans filled its halls. The Comic Convention in San Diego began in 1970 and hasn’t stopped attracting comic, movie and science fiction fans for decades. Among this years many overflowing Comic-Con booths, featured exhibits include DC Entertainment, Marvel, Lucas Film and a small online live show I’ve gotten to know quite well, What’s Trending! Wednesday afternoon we packed up Shira Lazar’s Ford Focus with all the shooting necessities and sent the team down to San Diego to cover all the excitement at Comic-Con 2013.

Thursday’s live show began with the sneak peak of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and ended with an amazing interview with Evangeline Lilly, best known for her roles in geek culture classics, “Lost” and “The Hobbit 2.” What’s Trending hosts Shira Lazar and Ethan Newberry had the chance to chat with Lilly about her role in “The Hobbit 2” and offered the opportunity respond to fan questions. Meanwhile, back in the LA office, we waited for the packaged footage to be returned digitally so that it could be edited and published on YouTube. You can check out some of Evangeline’s interview with What’s Trending below!

Although I am stuck sitting in a half empty office for the remainder of the week, while the majority of the production team hangs out with some of the hottest guest at Comic-Con. I can’t help but think that the responsibilities for those of us still in the LA office are equally important to the success of the channel. From seeding video interviews with guests like Evangeline Lilly, to managing the constant stream of YouTube content being sent up from San Diego, the What’s Trending team “stuck” in Los Angeles has a lot on its plate. But this doesn’t stop me from living vicariously through the team in San Diego, especially when the Walking Dead Season 4 trailer premiered! In a sense it’s a way to enjoy Comic-Con, but without all the strange costumes!


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