The Land of Opportunity

As my time in Los Angeles begins to wind down, I’ve started to think more fully on just how truly unique this city is. There is a certain feeling you get as walk around the Hollywood area that is just unlike any other place in the world. The evening of the fourth of July, I sat with several friends on an overlook on Mulholland Drive, watching fireworks go off in the distance all across the city. It made me realize, not only how massive LA really is but also how many true opportunities there are to be successful here.

Knowing that you have the people, the places, and the knowledge of what it takes to create something special in the realm of entertainment, all in one location, gives you a feeling of excitement, and trust that this is truly where you belong. Thanks to the hundreds of studios and offices that have been dedicating their entire lives to this industry for so many years, you don’t have to think twice when trying to decide where to move to go into film or TV. 

Between the panels offered to us throughout this program, the opportunities I have been given at my internship, and the networking I have done while in this city, I have learned that, in Hollywood, what you put in is exactly what you will get in return. There is no better city to set yourself up for success. 

With the abundance of opportunities in this area, anything is truly possible. And that is something I don’t think you can say about many other cities around the world.Image


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