And now, here he is. It’s Conan O’Brien!

As I arrived at Gate 8 of Warner Brothers Studios, I knew I was going to get the opportunity to see the famous comedian, Conan O’Brien. The large amount of security measures that would take place before the filming and the long period of waiting I would have to withstand were two things I hadn’t expected.

When we entered the parking structure, an extensive security search took place. Bags were examined, pockets were emptied, and bands were given to each of us. As a final measure of precaution, we received glow in the dark stamps that only could be seen with security lights.

After we were finished with security, we waited for quite some time, and later we were shepherded into standing sections located inside Warner Studio’s grounds; however, we still weren’t led into the live studio. At last, we got the green light to enter and from my perspective, it was all definitely worth the wait. We were escorted inside and entertained by, Jimmy Pardo, the warm up comic host for the day.

All in all, the show was fantastic and very entertaining. Conan O’Brien was much taller than I’d expected, and his studio was much more intimate than I’d originally thought. Noah Wyle, Ben Schwartz, and Pretty Lights were the guests for Wednesdays show. I personally found Ben, who’s the voice of Skidmark in the upcoming film Turbo, the most interesting and charismatic guest during the show. To top off the whole experience, each guest received a popsicle and a Twinkie for their involvement in the taping! Overall, I’d love to see Conan again some day; however, I’ll make sure to be ready for the long wait and the extensive search.

May day with Mr. OBrien

May day with Mr. OBrien


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