Late Night Television

I am so grateful for the opportunity to see various talk shows and late night television show tapings while I’ve been in Los Angeles. I am a huge fan of many different celebrities, and this summer it’s been a goal of mine to meet as many as I possibly can. I’ve found that this is a much more difficult feat than I originally thought. You can’t just walk down Rodeo Drive and run into every A list star you could’ve imagined. I have discovered that there is one, not-so-spontaneous way to see these celebs, and that is through television talk shows!


In one of our pre-departure meetings, J mentioned as a great place to get free tickets to these tapings. I made ticket requests for everything that I was interested in, and I’ve been lucky so far to make it to the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Late Show with Conan Obrien, and Chelsea Lately! I’ve seen guests ranging from Sandra Bullock, Kevin Bacon and even Chuy from Chelsea Lately. (Side note: I have learned that if your friend almost passes out in line for Chelsea, like my friend Leah, you’ll get special treatment like getting to go inside early, front row seats, and a chance to meet Chelsea who signed my book for me after the show!)


I am looking forward to my last week here where I have tickets to Jimmy Kimmel, and The Kris Jenner Show. I’m still on the wait-list for Jay Leno, but fingerers crossed! I’ve enjoyed taking advantage of all that LA has to offer.

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