Sweet Serendipity


Too sweet, in fact. Last night, after hearing multiple rave reviews, I finally went to 21 Choices (a frozen yogurt place, for those of you not lucky enough to have experienced). 21 Choices is similar to Cold Stone, where you choose toppings and they mix all the toppings together into a scoop of deliciousness.

While I had heard awesome things about it, I still didn’t really know what to expect. Frozen yogurt is frozen yogurt, right? Wrong! When Maddie Carlin and I got there, the line was wrapped around the building. While Maddie and I were a little surprised about how long the line was, leaving was certainly not an option for us. We took the forty minutes we waited in line to decide what we wanted, which was not an easy task. With a plethora of toppings to choose from, the possibilities of what to order are endless! For an indecisive person, 21 Choices is a nightmare, just as a heads up for all of you who are now planning on going (which should be everyone).

After waiting in line for forty minutes and drooling over everyone’s yummy looking creations, it was finally my turn to order. After stumbling over my words I finally spit out what I wanted to order: French Vanilla frozen yogurt with cookie dough, cinnamon, caramel, and Nutella. After taking my first bite I realized why the line was forty minutes long. I have never tasted something so delicious in my life! It was certainly not just frozen yogurt. While I wasn’t able to finish the small (it’s a lot bigger than it looks!) due to the sugar rush I was experiencing, the twenty minute drive, the forty minute wait, and the amount of times I changed my mind on what to get were all completely worth it! A laid back Saturday night, a yummy treat, and a new friend is a memory I will look back and smile upon. 



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