There’s Always Someone Cooler Than You



LA has been an incredible experience so far to say the least. I’ve seen every major league baseball team in the state, been to concerts, explored different neighborhoods, and gotten hands-on experience at my dream internship in the music industry. However, despite all the glamorous things LA has to offer, I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons, the most important being that I am, to put it simply, average.

To quote Ben Folds, “There’s always someone cooler than you” and LA has been the perfect place to learn this. This summer has taught me pretty quickly that there will always ALWAYS be someone prettier, more in shape, more experienced, more talented, and more successful than you are. And as you start to learn this, it kind of sucks.

However, I promise that this outlook is not entirely bleak. Learning this tough lesson in LA has taught me the invaluable information that although I can’t always be the coolest or the most talented, I can always be the most driven, the most ambitious, or the most curious. I’ve learned that if I someday want to be that person who’s “cooler” than others, I just need to push myself. I can stay at my internship late. I can work hard in class and on my assignments. I can develop lasting relationships and meet as many people as possible. I can go to a spin class, or go on a hike, and push myself harder than I ever have before.

And although this summer has made me feel somewhat average, I know that if I continue to work hard, maybe, just maybe, one day there won’t be someone cooler than me.

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