LA’s Kind of Summer

There’s nothing quite like summertime LA style. The energy, the sun, and the carefree attitude is not only electric, it’s contagious! I constantly find myself craving the beach, but contrary to some popular east coast perceptions – California is not solely a beach-centric kind of place. There are so many beautiful things to enjoy here, and the sweet taste of summer makes all of them just that more enticing. 


From free jazz music in the park every weekend to tasteful museums, to weekday hikes after a stressful day at work and, of course, mouthwatering cuisine, this city is most definitely alive with the sounds, tastes, and sights of summer. 


The thing I love about LA is the culture and zest for life that fills the air. It’s hard not to fall in love with this city; and I can officially say now that I am an LA girl. This summer I’ve loved experimenting and exposing myself to a new perspective on not only life, but also fashion. LA has transformed my style and caused me to experiment with clothing. I’ve tried so many new things here and testing out a more versatile and edgy sense of style is one of them. I’ll definitely be taking this newfound taste back home with me.  


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