Movie Madness

It’s incredible how a movie can have such a big impact on someone. I have loved the movies that I have gotten to see here. I feel like I never have time to go to the movies unless they are blockbusters in which my friends want to go to. I really appreciate having time cut out to go to a free movie. I have fallen even more in love with Sundance films and have a newfound crush for Brit Marling. The East really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I’ve been ignoring about the world. It reminded me of what it means to be human and not to take things for granted. Its so easy to get caught up in “worldly” things and its nice to be reminded. I haven’t watched a movie that I had a strong emotional response to since The Cove.

Now I know it’s not realistic to become some radical activist and I don’t have the guts to devote myself to a cause like that but I do want to find some cause that I am truly passionate about and do something; anything that might an impact on the world. As I grow older I start to find my ideologies more and more and being in LA has kick started that.

In the near future I will be watching: Another Earth, Sound of my Voice, and The Recordist. Anything that has to do with Brit Marling or Zal Batmanglij will be a must see.

Just recently, finding my love for cinema has made me feel the need to watch as much films as possible. Everyone my whole life has told me that I watch too much TV but now I’m just doing my homework.

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