So little time

I just can not believe we have so little time left in LA. I have gotten in the groove  and feel at home here now. The Idea of leaving saddens me greatly, but Ill be back in no time.

ImageI got to do my very first night shoot this weekend, which was awesome. I was an extra in the upcoming shoot RememberMe Latte, we filmed from 8 till 330 am. ive seen so many actors post about doing these late night shoots and it was awesome to finally get to do one. The storyline took place over 12 different nights, so you know what that means??? quick changes and alot of them. Trying to juggle clothes and what day we were on make the night fly by, before I knew it, it was two am and we were almost done. The oreos and pizza helped too!ImageThis weekend I also got to check out the Grammy Museum. I of course like music and I was intrigued, but I am by no means an expert, so I was a little worried I would be  a little lost. I absolutely loved it and I have recommended it to everyone I know coming out here. The interactive elements were so cool. I had never been to a museum that was that much fun. There were so many fun things to play with, and I loved the Ringo exhibit (especially the movie) because its Ringo, how could it not be good.

ImageWhen we walked around out side we also found a Latina Festival, which was really fun to walk around and listen to music and play games for free stuff. We also got free pictures like this gem. 

THere is just something about this town don’t ya feel it? 


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