LA in 50 Words (Plus 333)

In the spring we created our own ideas of LA Monsters, University teachings could not beat, but first hand experience could. We ventured to LA to be Kings of Summer. Let Me Explain, we wanted to make the most of our two months, and prove to the world that we’re Grown Ups 2. We dealt with the LA weather, namely The Heat, and our internal World War Z’s. We fussed about the LA traffic, but at the end of the day we came to terms with the fact that it was Muchado About Nothing. We sent out our Wish You Were Here’s, swam in the Pacific Rim of many beaches as Some Girls tanned (others came back Red 2), and enjoyed The Internship we each partook in. I heard that a few even participated in heavy shopping, Girls Most Likely. We crossed off many things on The To-Do Lists we created for the summer. We kept an eye out for many strange creatures such as The Wolverine, Blackfish, and Smurfs 2. We engaged in The Act of Killing bugs and drove around the city like Lone Rangers, trying to find new places. Soon the days kicked into Turbo and sped by.

Now we’re dreaming of days when we will possess our own White House Down the road in Pasadena, or your preferred color of choice in your preferred city. In a week we will be headed back to The East. The summer is Still Mine. It’s still ours. There will be students who spend the next month utilizing the lessons they’ve learned while sipping Mud, others will reunite with friends and ‘make up for lost time,’ and the rest might indulge in (or entertain) The Purge to get rid of anything that has been holding them back from taking charge of their destiny, or whatever else students do in their free time. Hopefully we won’t look back at anyone we met this summer and think, oh despicable you or/and Despicable Me 2. (I had to do it.)

We’ll get on our planes and in our cars, take a seat in The Way, Way Back, and bask in the moment reflecting on how This Is The End of an old way of thinking and a continuation into bright futures, boundless freedom and beautiful friendships.



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