The Final Stretch

As we begin to edit and finish our final films and head into the last week of internships, its hard to believe that my first summer in LA has already come to an end. I say my first summer because, after this experience, I am certain that I’ll be back again, sometime soon after I rise with my classmates Under The Oaks one last time in 2015. Living in this area for 9 weeks was definitely just a very small taste of what life would be like upon returning, but seeing the passion and lifestyle has certainly showed me that this is a place I could get used to.

Living in an area that is almost entirely fueled by the field you are hoping to enter only helps to add to the excitement and optimism that you find all over this town. To add to the already great appeal, seeing Elon’s network and presence around this area also growing at such an incredible rate only adds to comfort and attraction to an area like this. 

It seems as though everywhere I went, whether for an informational lunch or intern meet and greet somewhere in town, once mentioning Elon, faces lit up and conversations were sparked. It’s always impressive to me just how far being a part of such a successful tradition like Elon can take you in this field.

It’s hard to put into words everything I have learned and experienced on this trip. From the friendships formed, to the projects created, everything I have been a part of on this journey has only helped guide me in the right direction as I head back to the final two years of my time at Elon and prepare for my future. While I still don’t know what the future holds for me, or what field I will end up in upon graduation, thanks to this program, I now know that the film and television field could certainly be a part of it. Image 


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