Starting the Climb

We started a new tradition Saturday of an opening day hike to the top of Cahuenga Peak to open up our forth year of Elon in LA.  Alumni and students made our way to the one of the best overlooks in Los Angeles. This is just the first of many accomplishments our Elon in LA group will have this summer.

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The following is work from three of our  Entertainment Public Relations students as part of a contest to create our new brand for Climbing the LAdder Productions and Elon in LA.  Please comment about the new logos:

Evann Clingan designs:

Evann Clingan

(Baseball) This logo, which could be used as a blog banner, is made to look like a vintage photograph. The picture was taken at the Dodger’s game, so the text also has an old-school, baseball style to it. Below the title is the phrase that, in short, describes what we’re doing this summer.

Evann Clingan

(Notepad) My logo is made to look like it was drawn on a notebook. Inside the word “Elon” is a picture from Elon, and inside “Los Angeles” is a picture that was taken here. The plane is connecting the two. The notebook, which is decorated with coffee stains and doodles, represents everything we’re writing down and learning in Los Angeles.

Evann Clingan

(Ladder) This logo turns the outline of California into a ladder. The only colors used are red, blue, and green because these are colors recognized by independent sensors in high-end cameras (they are also the colors used in our Communications Building). The logo is set inside a circle, so it can easily be used on a letterhead or project created by our Production Company.

Tyler Dornenburg designs:

Tyler Dornenburg

Tyler Dornenburg

For my designs I decided to keep it simple but professional, keeping in line with the idea that our program is essentially a real entertainment company. The reason that I put both of these logos over a picture background is to demonstrate how easily they can work as banners, links from other Elon websites, and basically just be stamped onto whatever media we need them to be on while still displaying the content in the background. Lastly, I chose to keep the type faces, sizes, etc. about the same in order to keep climbing the ladder and Elon in LA as similar and cohesive as possible.

Lucas Lovett designs:

Lucas Lovett

Lucas Lovett

As we begin to work with each other more and more within the the Elon in LA program, I want to propose that we begin to brand ourselves.  We need something recognizable for both Elon in LA as well as Climbing the Ladder Productions.  We will be entering contests and competitions, and we will all have had some part in any award that comes from this summer’s work.  The designs I have made use only 2 colors, Black and White, which means they can go nearly anywhere in terms of color or medium.  I want them to enhance anything they are put on, not distract with flashy colors. It is neutral, yet appealing in my attempt to create brand loyalty.

LA Class of 2010

Brett Annese

My name is Brett Annese and my hometown is Cranston, Rhode Island. I am a Cinema major at Elon University and I am thrilled to be interning in Los Angeles this summer in areas of film production. I apply my interest in the medium of film by joining it with another passion of mine: paintball. Sports in general are very entertaining to me, but the fast-paced, unique environment of this sport is very appealing to me. I also hope to gain a great understanding of the production of narrative cinema when I intern in California so I may apply my vision to the world of film.

Alex Ardinger

My name is Alex Ardinger and I am currently a junior studying Strategic Communications and Spanish at Elon University.  I have studied abroad in Costa Rica and Sevilla, Spain over the past year.  In the future, I hope to work with an international company in the communications field.  Over the summer, I will be interning with a film production company, Underground Films, and a marketing company that focuses on the Latino community, H&M Think Latino!

While at Elon, I have had the privilege of taking classes such as Public Relations and Civic Responsibility, Strategic Writing, Corporate Publishing, and others that have helped me gain valuable skills. I look forward to gaining experience and further developing my communications skills while in Los Angeles.

Jenny Austin

My name is Jennifer Austin and I am a rising junior majoring in Media Arts & Entertainment with a minor in Acting. I was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, and I can’t wait to live in Los Angeles for the summer. I am very passionate about acting, film, and photography. I will be taking a course on acting for the camera and hopefully interning with a talent/casting agency or a production company. It has always been a dream of mine to live in LA and work in the entertainment industry, so this opportunity is truly exciting!

Abigail Bassett

My name is ABIGAIL BASSETT and I am passionate.  I know that sounds entirely cliché, but I believe it to be true.  I make everything I do matter.  I guess it’s my creative side that has always wanted to try and do as many different things as possible.  Learning more about the production field, the West Coast, the city, and the people in it, is something I cannot wait to do.  My real desire in life is to become a storyteller.  I want to edit films and documentaries in order to create a story.  I want to write novels.  I want to work in fashion, because what we wear tells a story, too.  I have so many different aspirations, but I know that whatever I do and wherever I go, I will still be the passionate and creative girl from New Hampshire, the girl who believes and knows that anything is possible.

Molly Cimikoski

My name is Molly Cimikoski and I am currently a rising senior in the creative writing program. Up until my junior year of high school when I transferred to boarding school in southern Vermont, I lived the entirety of my life in Concord, New Hampshire.  I still return to New Hampshire every summer where I work on a produce farm and spend time with my family, practicing yoga and writing in my free time. Two of my three older sisters currently live in southern California and have had nothing but positive things to say about the area, so as you can imagine I’m thrilled at the prospect of becoming a part of such an upbeat community.

Evann Clingan

Passionate. Spontaneous. Driven. Redhead. That’s me. My name’s Evann Clingan. I’ll be a senior Strategic Communications major in the fall, but I’m ridiculously excited to be living, learning, and interning in Los Angeles for the summer. I was raised in Pittsburgh and am passionate about food, family, and the Steelers.  I’m constantly in motion—talking, moving, doing. I’m bored if I’m sitting still. I want to spend my time in Los Angeles seeing and learning as much as possible. Hopefully, this summer will help me decide whether the West Coast is the place for me. I’m ready for an adventure.

Lexi DeRosa

My name is Alexis DeRosa and I am a rising junior at Elon University. I moved to North Carolina to attend university from Nassau, the Bahamas, where I lived my whole life. North Carolina was a change of pace for me, so I’m sure that Los Angeles will be an entirely other world – and I cannot wait! At Elon, I am a Communications major and French minor. I am especially interested in production and am extremely excited to begin my journey towards a career in that field while exploring the many opportunities that Los Angeles offers!

Laura Dorado

I am Laura Dorado from the small town of Chappaqua in New York and am a rising senior at Elon University in North Carolina.  I am a strategic communications major and have developed a passion for design through the classes that I have taken.  I have always imagined living on the west coast and I am looking forward to spending the summer in Los Angeles.   I am eager to begin my internship at Walton Isaacson, which coins itself as the world’s most interesting marketing agency.  I have a lot to gain from the professionals that I will work with throughout the course of the summer.  I am excited to have this opportunity and can’t wait to have a great and productive summer.

Tyler Dornenburg

Ever since I was growing up in Simsbury, CT I have always had a love and a passion for music. Now that I am a rising senior, I hope to take that passion and apply it to a career, as I have on my weekly radio show. My name is Tyler Dornenburg and I am 21 years old and majoring in strategic communications with a minor in political science. My interest in the field of communications is expansive and ranges from an awareness of the importance of new forms of social media, to a love for design work and all things Photoshop. I am excited to see where my summer in Los Angeles takes me and to have the opportunity to learn from established professionals in my field.

Caroline Drage

Caroline Drage is a rising senior in the BFA Musical Theatre Program at Elon.  Born and raised in Orlando, FL, Caroline graduated from Dr. Phillips High School where she was in the Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Program.  She has been in numerous plays and musicals throughout her life including Assassins (Sara Jane Moore), Little Women (Jo March), Three Sisters (Irina), Kiss Me Kate, and most recently Love’s Labor’s Lost. Caroline plans on continuing her career in the arts after she graduates and hopes to see the world while doing it!

Clinton Edmondson

Elon University was my dream come true when I began my college search. It has been where my career path could finally take true form. Ever since my acceptance into Elon University’s Class of 2012, I have worked with several student television shows including Elon Phoenix Weekly, which airs on ESPN2’s local sports break. I have also been heavily involved in student shorts both my projects and otherwise including a French experimental short titled “Virginie”.  My career aspirations are as both a screenwriter and a director, though experience has taught me that what looks like destiny today looks like childish dreams tomorrow. Thus, I trek onward keeping an open mind to the entertainment industry and where it may take me. Yet, I know one thing for sure. My name is Clinton James Edmondson.

Nneka Enurah

I’m Nneka Enurah and I am from Marietta, GA. I’ve wanted to make films since I was 11 years old and am very enthusiastic about my first experience in Los Angeles. Writing stories that impact the lives of others is my passion and I hope my time in LA will allow me to develop my skills as a writer further.  Working behind the scenes and helping to get projects off the ground interest me greatly and with luck I’ll have an opportunity to see what really goes into making an idea reality. My assertive nature, curiosity, and drive will allow me to take on the many task and challenges ahead.

Julia Gallagher

My name is Julia Gallagher and I was born in the wintry tundras of Buffalo, NY and later moved to the sunny plateaus of Orlando, FL, I’ve always had the dream of venturing to the west coast.  I’m a Junior BFA Acting major, and I want to explore what the west coast has to offer as well as what I have to offer it, too. I’m interested in what goes on in front of the camera as well as what goes on behind it (casting, talent management, production, etc.) and I think LA will be the perfect place to explore my interests this summer!

Kristin Genszler

My name is Kristin Genszler and I am a junior at Elon University.  I am a Media Arts & Entertainment major with a concentration in Cinema in addition to a Dance minor.  Originally from Pittsburgh, I am traveling out to Los Angeles for the summer as a way to gain both knowledge and experience in the film industry.  While sitting in a dark room editing sequences together may not interest many people, the challenges of editing and postproduction greatly excite me. I am truly a passionate and hard worker, and I look forward to the incredible opportunities that await me out in Los Angeles.

Brian Glover

My name is Brian Glover and I am currently a Communications major with a concentration in Cinema. I was born and raised in Baltimore city, and I am proud to say that the urban environment played a big role in shaping me as an individual.  I developed a strong affinity for film at an early age, and quickly became enthralled by the works of Speilberg, Lucas and Hitchcock. I found the moving image to be one of the single greatest modes of communication, for it can be uniquely expressive on so many different levels. My enthusiasm for the arts drove me to begin recording and producing music early on in high school, and I soon found that sound design and music production played an essential role in the film and television industry. My career interests focus mainly on the post-production side of film and television as well as sound design and music production, yet I also have a strong desire to write and direct my own films. I have a strong desire to take full advantage of any and all experiences that Los Angeles has to offer, for they will undoubtedly further my core skills as well as develop new interests in the field.

Sarah Glover

Sarah Glover, a Senior Acting major at Elon University, has lived in little ole’ Wilson, North Carolina for most of her life.   She has a fervent passion for the performing arts and has been practicing her craft and this passion since the fourth grade.  Sarah graduated high school from North Carolina School of the Arts in the drama department and went onto Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee as a Musical Theater major.  After a year at Belmont, she felt her calling specifically in the field of acting and transferred to Elon University.  Sarah is very thankful and feels extremely lucky to have been cast several incredible productions at Elon; including, Love’s Labours Lost, Psycho Beach Party, Noises Off, and A Midsummer Nights Dream. Her ultimate goal is to become a working actor in Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago and eventually own her own production company.

Christina Gutierrez

My name is Cristina Gutierrez and I am a strategic communications major at Elon University.  I am rising junior, originally from Leonardtown, MD.  I have spent my time at Elon as a Communications Fellow and a member of PRSSA, and I am looking forward to interning in the communications field in Los Angeles this summer.  I have a passion for PR, and I am very excited to pursue my dreams of becoming a public relations professional in the future.

Michael Heil

Michael Heil is a rising senior who studies Strategic Communications and Cinema in hopes to go into advertising production, especially in the sports field. He works at Elon as the co-founder and creative team director for ESTV’s “One On One Sports,” and was the former director. He also served for a year at Live Oak Communications. Since returning from study in Paris, France for the spring, he will be interning with Mandt Bros. Productions, assisting in sports television production including the annual ESPYs award ceremony. After graduation, he hopes to work helping produce advertising for companies like Nike, the NBA, or ESPN.

Cameron Jackson

I’m Cameron Jackson a native of Boston, Massachusetts, who recently relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m a rising senior, majoring in Media Arts and Entertainment with a concentration in cinema

David James

My name is David James, I’m 19 from Charlotte, North Carolina.  I’m a Broadcast and New Media major and a junior at Elon University.  I attended Charlotte Christian School for 13 years and was involved in school plays and productions. I started the broadcasting program at my high school that was rated the “Best High School Broadcasting Program” in 2009 by Charlotte Magazine. In college, I’m involved in WSOE, our college radio station, as a  radio show host and in ESTV, our television station, on the show “WinStuff. “ I worked for Eye Opening  Entertainment, a local production company in Charlotte, and as  an assistant to the general manager at the John Boy and Billy radio network. I’m also currently involved in an viral online campaign as web designer of “” Our campaign has reached national publicity on various radio stations throughout the country and we’ve been featured on TV on “CMT Insider.”

Jon Keller

My name is Jon Keller and I am a senior and presidential scholar majoring in philosophy with a minor in economics.   I have always had a strong interest in law, and I eventually would like to become an attorney and develop a legal background that I can apply within the entertainment industry.   I also have developed a strong interest in film and writing, and I’m hoping to find internships in Los Angeles that will enable my creativity, as well as help usher me into the legal realms of the entertainment industry.    Being from Pittsburgh, I am excited to experience the west coast, and all that it has to offer.  Most of all, I am excited to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead of me this summer.

Lauren Kenney

My name is Lauren Kenney and I’m a senior at Elon with a major in Media Arts and Entertainment and a minor in Political Science. I am from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and I recently studied abroad in St Andrews, Scotland. I love to travel and meet new people and I am looking forward to a new and exciting summer in Los Angeles. I hope to have an internship where I can learn more about the professional world of communications and gain experience with television production.

Phillip Kimbrough

My name is Philip Kimbrough and I am a senior Cinema major. During my time spent here at Elon, I have been very involved with many organizations at school. I am member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity as well as the cinema-based group CinElon, which furthers the film community on campus.  While at Elon I have been involved with many on-campus student films as a director, writer and cinematographer which has helped be gain hands-on experience on sets as well as how to lead larger groups of people in a healthy work environment. Furthermore, I have worked with a local production company in Greensboro, NC as production assistant and camera operator. Working with this company has allowed me to hone my time management skills and how to work efficiently in a hectic work environment. I plan on eventually becoming a director and look forward to my using time in Los Angeles, along with the lessons that I will learn and experience I will gain, to further my careers goals.

Alex Leedy

My name is Alex Leedy and I was born on May 29, 1989 in Philadelphia. When I was five my family relocated to Durham, North Carolina and I have lived there ever since.  While attending Jordan High School I played football, performed in many theater productions, and sang in the choir.  I was also in the Boy Scouts, during my senior year of high school and while senior patrol leader of the troop I earned the rank of Eagle Scout.  Scouting played a pivotal role in helping me become the person I am today.  In 2009 one of my closest scout leader mentors (and father of three young children) unexpectedly passed away.  Giving the eulogy at his funeral truly changed my life and his memory gives me constant inspiration.

Lucas Lovett

My name is Lucas Ezekial Lovett, and I was born in Taegu, South Korea.  I was adopted through Holt International and eventually found my home in Washington D.C.  In my mind, everything is worth experiencing to its fullest, as inspiration can be just around the corner.  Life should be lived through opportunistic eyes, with my life consisting of both seized and lost opportunities.  I do not want to waste my life by not testing myself as much as possible.  I was chosen from the orphanage out of chance, and I will do my best not to tarnish that gift.  Each day I weigh the consequences of my actions to figure out how I can better myself in the future, and with this I think I have come a long way.   Names of people, places, and topics are new sources for information I can pull from to inform myself about the world around me.  I want to see the world for what it has to offer, and then pour that essence into my work.  I strive for the best in my abilities as well as meeting the expectations of others.  I look forward to all challenges that will allow me to prove myself as a prominent figure wherever I may end up.

Lauren Ludlow

My name is Lauren Ludlow and I am a rising sophomore, working towards a communications major with a business and human services minor. I’ve lived in Indianapolis, Indiana for 18 years, graduated high school with a class of 36, and moving to North Carolina for college was the most impactful change of my life. Living in Los Angeles this summer is going to be a complete 180 to anything I have ever experienced. I have always dreamed of being a part of the entertainment industry, although in what profession is to be determined. I plan on using this opportunity to pursue my interests and explore all that LA has to offer.

Jeff Masters

A native of North Carolina, Jeff Masters is entering his fourth and final year in the BFA Acting program at Elon.  He is excited about living and working in Los Angeles this summer and has plans to move there after graduation to pursue a career in the arts.   In his free time, Jeff enjoys cooking and working out, not consecutively.

Aaron Moger

My name is Aaron Moger and I am a junior at Elon University.  I was born and raised in Simsbury, CT where I first found my love of the entertainment industry.  Growing up in a small town I spent of lot of my time diving into movies, television, and sports. In searching for a college I was looking for a place to get involved quickly to learn not just the theory behind television and film, but the technical aspects as well.  After my freshman year I declared my major in New Media Arts & Entertainment where I could focus in sports broadcasting while still having the opportunity to take a lot of cinema-based classes as well.  As I enter into the summer before my junior year I have still found myself torn between two passions: sports and movies. Despite being torn between two passions, I can find a home for both in the entertainment capital of the world.  I can’t wait for the opportunity to finally jump in and get some real-world experience in a professional environment.

Perri Rossi

My name is Perri Rossi and I am a senior at Elon University, majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in business administration. I grew up in Glen Ridge, NJ and am very excited to be venturing to the west coast through the Elon in LA program. Through my internship at E! Entertainment during my semester abroad in London I learned I wanted to work in the entertainment industry after college. I am interested in interning in television production development or public relations/marketing and looking forward to expanding my knowledge of these types of careers this summer.

Megan Reeves

Megan Reeves is a junior at Elon University.  Originally from Mooresville, North Carolina, she has treasured her time at Elon as a BFA Acting major, taking full advantage of all of the wonderful experiences that Elon has afforded her.  Megan is delighted to be a part of the Elon in Los Angeles program, as it is the start of her transition from NC to LA, where she hopes to live as a working actress for a good portion of her lifetime.  Besides acting, Megan is very passionate about the sciences, traveling, cheese, and music (the Shins in particular).  She looks forward to working to the best of her ability this summer with an entertainment company in Los Angeles where she can interact with lots of wonderfully talented and very tan people, and push herself to accomplish things she never knew were possible.

Jessie Schroeder

My name is Jessie Schroeder. Three years ago I left a small-suburban town outside of Boston to begin my undergraduate education at Elon University in North Carolina. After spending a semester abroad in Dublin, Ireland, away from the Elon bubble, I have seen the rewards that living in an unfamiliar city and breaking out of my comfort zone can bring.  This summer, I hope to gain new experiences and continue to grow as a person in Los Angeles. Along the way, I hope to learn more about the music industry while learning more about myself.

Matt Smith

My name is Matthew Smith and I ‘m a senior at Elon.. Having divorced parents at young age, I grew up in two different cities. During the school year I lived in Toledo, Ohio while in the summer I lived in Hickory, North Carolina. I consider myself a Yankee boy with a south heart. It is this diverse and creative style of thinking that lead me to major in strategic communications at Elon. My main area of focus is public relations as a relationship marketer. Businessmen are about selling to clients where as public relations personal are about keeping clients happy. I try to have a smile on my face and a sense of respect and understanding in any situation. I’m really excited to further my learning experience and absorb as much information as possible in LA this summer.

Alex Trice

My name is Alex Trice and I am almost 20 years old.  I was born in Hong Kong and lived several years in Spain, but currently reside in the small town of Peachland, North Carolina.  I am a sophomore at Elon., studying media arts and entertainment communications with a concentration in documentary.  My unique upbringing steeped in diverse cultures – from British, Indian, and Chinese, to Spanish and American, has given me a great appreciation for people and their individual stories. Because of this, my dream after graduation is to travel the globe as a professional documentarian, using the lens of a camera as a medium through which international voices may be heard.

Emily Tryon

My name is Emily Tryon and I am from Gulf Breeze, FL.  I am a sophomore at Elon University.  My major is biochemistry and I hope to one day have a career as a veterinarian.  Along with an interest in science, I am passionate about the arts.  I create my own work using pastel, pen and ink, and watercolors and am working towards a minor in art.  I am a creative thinker and have found that this has helped me approach problems from several different angles, which has unified my talents in both arts and science.

Barrett Wilbert Weed

Barrett Wilbert Weed is a Senior Music Theatre Major at Elon University. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she attended The Walnut Hill School for the arts before coming to Elon. Favorite parts include: Luisa Contini (Nine), Diedra (I.D.-a new musical) and Sadie Evans (West of Marion- a new musical by Chris Miller) at Elon and Rosie (Really Rosie), Regina (Clementine and The Cyber Ducks- a new play) and The Choral Leader (The Bacchae) at The Hangar Theatre in Ithaca, New York. E.M.C. MRT.

The Final Films of Summer

As the Elon in Los Angeles program comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who had a part in making this possible.  I hope you enjoyed the blog and continue to visit in the future.    

“A mind once stretched by a new idea will never regain it’s original shape”

That is the quote that began this experience, I hope whatever shape that your career takes, you will always remember how it was stretched in the summer of 2009 in the city of angels…

Here are the final films for the Change project:

“Change” Pitch Show

Mike Pacicco produces this webisode highlighting the pitches for the next round of short films with the theme of “Change” 
This is part of the 2009 Elon in Los Angeles Program.
Check out the films next week.

The Ten Contest

In this Highlight webisode you will see behind the scenes footage and interviews from the producers of the four films.  

Please watch all of the films and vote on the poll tab for your favorite. The voting will start on Monday July 5 and run for one week.   

Please leave comments and share the films with your friends and family.  Thanks for supporting Elon in Los Angeles.

This Highlight was produced by Courtney Ramery.